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Gina Hansen is one of four Business IT instructors at Hinkley High School, in Aurora, CO. Hinkley's "Business Entertainment & Technology" pathway teaches the fundamental building blocks of Business IT & Media Entertainment Technology. Hansen teaches Digital Storytelling in all Media formats, including support for front end + back end programming. Current courses are listed at top left.

In a remote setting, all students learned how to be digital organizers and communicators. Hinkley students began a basic level of digital literacy and development of the basic fundamentals of audio/video/graphic design with light coding. Using WiFi-enabled devices, they should be able to produce a library of audio samples, video clips, character or levels artwork, planning documents and the beginning of a pitch they would market to a future company or employer to develop even further.

In a second year of Entertainment Media, students can expect to deepen their knowledge of motion graphics, 3d-modeling & architecture, industry audio and film techniques, hands-on equipment familiarity, and experience on developer teams with a goal of building a portfolio of works to show future employers. View our pathway introduction, below. 


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FORMER STUDENTS: Those from Previous Courses may still feel free to request letters of recommendation or even just check in via IG or Remind. Your teacher always loves to hear how you are doing. Also, its a small world and we are all connected. When its time for job searching, I'm happy to connect you to any connections I have in the field as your professional skills and qualifications grow or if you want to come back and share your knowledge with our community by talking with students and sharing your own life knowledge.


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